Fairway Golf Travel operate a wide range of services to meet your golfing requirements, whether you are taking a group on an extensive golf tour or a simpler golfing holiday.

Some of our services are listed below:

Golf Group Outings

East Lothian has some of the best golf courses in the world

We can transport golf groups to any of the top class golf courses in North Berwick, East Lothian or Fife.

Meeting and Greeting

It can be stressfull arriving in a new area and trying to set up transport. Fairway will meet you on your arrival in Scotland so you don't have the hassle of finding transport and struggling with baggage.

Airport Transfers

We operate airport transfers to and from the following airports:

- Edinburgh airport

- Glasgow airport

- Newcastle airport

Railway Station Transfers

Railway station transfers are available to the following rail stations:

- Edinburgh Waverley

- Edinburgh Haymarket

- Glasgow

- Dunbar

Special Events Transport

We can take your group to any special events throughout Scotland and the North of England and collect you later when the event has finished.

Sightseeing Tours

There are a wide range on visitor attractions throughout East Lothian and the Edinburgh area. We have a detailed knowledge of the area and can advise you on your tour.

Contract Work

Contact Fairway for details of contract work